HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of diseases :- WHO.

We, with an integrative approach seek to restore and maintain human health and wellness across a Patient’s lifespan by understanding his/her unique set of circumstances and address the full range of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental influences that effects their HEALTH.


A 30 years old Cancer Patient (7011473644) with two large tumors, given up by Allopathic Doctors after chemotherapy, recovering with our Naturopathic treatment, please contact 9915667793.


According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disorders are the leading cause of death in the USA, and around 1 in every 4 deaths occurring in the US are due to cardiac failure. The situation in no way is different in India. There are various types of heart diseases due to which heart failure deaths happen. The treatment includes different types of medications for a long-term basis and these medicines give SIDE EFFECTS. These coronary blockages are generally corrected through Bypass SURGERY and Stent which involve huge costs along with risk factors. We Naturopathy Practitioners are opening these blockages with no need to undergo heart Surgery along with no side effects.

A dilated heart myopathy by-pass Patient (9819992178) given up by Cardiologist & advices heart transplant with heart/liver/stomach discomfort and oedema is recovering with our Naturopathic treatment, please contact 9915667793.


They can be both cancerous and non-cancerous, when a tumor starts growing inside the skull, it can cause brain damage and can also be life-threatening. Allopathic Doctors perform brain Surgery and radiotherapy of which the success rate is very low and risky, moreover, the tumors keep growing even after Surgery and there are instances where two Surgeries are performed. Surgery is very costly. Brain tumors can be dissolved through Naturopathic Medicines and there’s no possibility of regrowth and with no risk & cost-effectiveness. Our Shree Centre is curing brain tumor cases successfully.

Our brain tumor(Carcinoma) Patient(9160777319) is recovering with Naturopathic Medicines, NO SURGERY required, please call 6284022613.


Wear & tear of the lower back Spinal discs, joint inflammation, compression of Nerve root & Spinal card, is an incurable disorder but NATUROPATHY cures and we are curing


The Liver has multiple functions in the human body and makes many of the substances required by the body to function normally. It breaks down the detoxifies chemicals in the body and it also acts as a storage unit. Due to various causes, liver subjective to following diseases such as CIRRHOSIS, HEPATITIS ( A, B, C), Abnormality in IMMUNE system, CANCER, FATTY LIVER, etc. There’s no curative methods for Liver diseases in conventional medical treatments, they only manages and treat the symptoms, when it reaches to LIVER FAILURE, recommends Liver transplantation, the success rate is very low. We as Naturopathy Practitioners, cure all Liver diseases.


The causes of CKD are many, it damages the kidney and decreases their function, and leads to Kidney failure and which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant & both are not safe. The kidney patient’s status managed with creatine levels, below 1.5 is normal, if it goes beyond 10 & above, Nephrologists recommend dialysis and also kidney transplant which is not 100% successful. Our Shree Centre cured many kidney patients, the dialysis patients become non-dialysis. Finally, CKD is cured.


Earlier it was Covid-19, a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome caused by the virus Corona (SARS CoV-2) is the ongoing World Pandemic. Since May 2020 our center is guiding & helping corona-infested Patients through Naturopathy and AYUSH methods and we are being able to successfully ensure 100% recovery. When a Covid Patient contacts our Centre, we advise Home quarantine and start with home remedies and send Naturopathic substance which protects the respiratory system. Our objective of treatment is to cure the infected persons and to protect other family members too. In our treatment maintenance of social distance is not required as all members of the family have to take the basic dose. WE ARE WELL EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH THE LIKELY EVENT OF 3RD WAVE.

#CORONA #Omicron – A new variant of SARS CoV-2 with 30+ mutations highly transmisable & immunoescape hitting the World,We have best Naturopathy medicine for prevention & cure please contact 9915667793.


OMICRON Covid-19 infections first appeared in Nov- December 2019 & peaked March onwards and same in the case of 2021 & now threatening to repeat in 2022, AYUSH methods are best to beat Corona,please contact 9915667793.


#OMICRON Cure with Naturopathy all incurable(with Allopathic) diseases like Asthma, Sinus,Lung & strengthen ur immunity in order fight new #Corona variant, pl call 9915667793.


When human eye’s lens starts to become cloudy, results into blurred vision and same is corrected with SURGERY, whereas this disorder can be cured with Naturopathy without SURGERY, our Patients “9963333237”  already cured and there is need to go for cataract operation. EYE CATARACT.


A 39 years old woman “8247589370” suffered with uterus fibroids disorder since her 20s age, corrected with surgery and problem again reappeared in 30s with huge growth, we cured with our treatment, within 6 months. No surgery required.


An incurable human skin disorder, causes skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than normal, the skin buildup into bumpy red patches with white scales, CAUSES ARE UNKNOWN, we are CURING.

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